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      In order to support ranking methods besides TF-IDF, we need to make the statistics they need available. These statistics could be computed in computeWeight (soon to become computeStats) and stored in a separate object for easy access. Since this object will be used solely by subclasses of Similarity, it should be implented as a static inner class, i.e. Similarity.Stats.

      There are two ways this could be implemented:

      • as a single Similarity.Stats class, reused by all ranking algorithms. In this case, this class would have a member field for all statistics;
      • as a hierarchy of Stats classes, one for each ranking algorithm. Each subclass would define only the statistics needed for the ranking algorithm.

      In the second case, the Stats class in DefaultSimilarity would have a single field, idf, while the one in e.g. BM25Similarity would have idf and average field/document length.

      1. LUCENE-3174.patch
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        Robert Muir
      2. LUCENE-3174.patch
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        Robert Muir
      3. LUCENE-3174.patch
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        Robert Muir
      4. LUCENE-3174.patch
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        David Mark Nemeskey
      5. LUCENE-3174_normalize_boost.patch
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        Robert Muir
      6. LUCENE-3174.patch
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        David Mark Nemeskey
      7. LUCENE-3174.patch
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        David Mark Nemeskey


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