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check all tests that use FSDirectory.open


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      In LUCENE-2471 we were discussing the copyBytes issue, and Shai and I had a discussion about how we could prevent such bugs in the future.

      One thing that lead to the bug existing in our code for so long, was that it only happened on windows (e.g. never failed in hudson!)
      This was because the bug only happened if you were copying from SimpleFSDirectory, and the test used FSDirectory.open

      Today the situation is improving: most tests use newDirectory() which is random by default and never use FSDir.open,
      it always uses SimpleFS or NIOFS so that the same random seed will reproduce across both windows and unix.

      So I think we need to review all uses of FSDirectory.open in our tests, and minimize these.
      In general tests should use newDirectory().
      If the test comes with say a zip-file and wants to explicitly open stuff from disk, I think it should open the contents with say SimpleFSDir,
      and then call newDirectory(Directory) to copy into a new "random" implementation for actual testing. This method already exists:

         * Returns a new Dictionary instance, with contents copied from the
         * provided directory. See {@link #newDirectory()} for more
         * information.
        public static MockDirectoryWrapper newDirectory(Directory d) throws IOException {


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