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Share the Term -> TermInfo cache across threads

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    • Type: Improvement
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    • Fix Version/s: 4.0-ALPHA
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      Right now each thread creates its own (thread private) SimpleLRUCache,
      holding up to 1024 terms.

      This is rather wasteful, since if there are a high number of threads
      that come through Lucene, you're multiplying the RAM usage. You're
      also cutting way back on likelihood of a cache hit (except the known
      multiple times we lookup a term within-query, which uses one thread).
      In NRT search we open new SegmentReaders (on tiny segments) often
      which each thread must then spend CPU/RAM creating & populating.

      Now that we are on 1.5 we can use java.util.concurrent.*, eg
      ConcurrentHashMap. One simple approach could be a double-barrel LRU
      cache, using 2 maps (primary, secondary). You check the cache by
      first checking primary; if that's a miss, you check secondary and if
      you get a hit you promote it to primary. Once primary is full you
      clear secondary and swap them.

      Or... any other suggested approach?


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