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FastVectorHighlighter: support for additional queries



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      I am using fastvectorhighlighter for some strange languages and it is working well!

      One thing i noticed immediately is that many query types are not highlighted (multitermquery, multiphrasequery, etc)
      Here is one thing Michael M posted in the original ticket:

      I think a nice [eventual] model would be if we could simply re-run the
      scorer on the single document (using InstantiatedIndex maybe, or
      simply some sort of wrapper on the term vectors which are already a
      mini-inverted-index for a single doc), but extend the scorer API to
      tell us the exact term occurrences that participated in a match (which
      I don't think is exposed today).

      Due to strange requirements I am using something similar to this (but specialized to our case).
      I am doing strange things like forcing multitermqueries to rewrite into boolean queries so they will be highlighted,
      and flattening multiphrasequeries into boolean or'ed phrasequeries.
      I do not think these things would be 'fast', but i had a few ideas that might help:

      • looking at contrib/highlighter, you can support FilteredQuery in flatten() by calling getQuery() right?
      • maybe as a last resort, try Query.extractTerms() ?


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