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Use bulk-byte-copy when merging term vectors


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      Indexing all of Wikipedia, with term vectors on, under the YourKit
      profiler, shows that 26% of the time (!!) was spent merging the
      vectors. This was without offsets & positions, which would make
      matters even worse.

      Depressingly, merging, even with ConcurrentMergeScheduler, cannot in
      fact keep up with the flushing of new segments in this test, and this
      is on a strong IO system (Mac Pro with 4 drive RAID 0 array, 4 CPU

      So, just like Robert's idea to merge stored fields with bulk copying
      whenever the field name->number mapping is "congruent" (LUCENE-1043),
      we can do the same with term vectors.

      It's a little trickier because the term vectors format doesn't quite
      make it easy to bulk-copy because it doesn't directly encode the
      offset into the tvf file.

      I worked out a patch that changes the tvx format slightly, by storing
      the absolute position in the tvf file for the start of each document
      into the tvx file, just like it does for tvd now. This adds an extra
      8 bytes (long) in the tvx file, per document.

      Then, I removed a vLong (the first "position" stored inside the tvd
      file), which makes tvd contents fully position independent (so you can
      just copy the bytes).

      This adds up to 7 bytes per document (less for larger indices) that
      have term vectors enabled, but I think this small increase in index
      size is acceptable for the gains in indexing performance?

      With this change, the time spent merging term vectors dropped from 26%
      to 3%. Of course, this only applies if your documents are "regular".
      I think in the future we could have Lucene try hard to assign the same
      field number for a given field name, if it had been seen before in the

      Merging terms now dominates the merge cost (~20% over overall time
      building the Wikipedia index).

      I also beefed up TestBackwardsCompatibility unit test: test a non-CFS
      and a CFS of versions 1.9, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 index formats, and added some
      term vector fields to these indices.


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