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Add IntField, LongField, FloatField and DoubleField classes to index both points and doc values


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      Currently we have IntPoint, LongPoint, FloatPoint and DoublePoint on the one hand, and NumericDocValuesField and SortedNumericDocValuesField on the other hand.

      When we introduced these classes, this distinction made sense: use the XXXPoint classes if you want your numeric fields to be searchable and the XXXDocValuesField classes if you want your numeric fields to be sortable/aggregatable.

      However since then, we introduced logic to take advantage of doc values for filtering (IndexOrDocValuesQuery) and enhanced sorting to take advantage of the Points index to skip non-competitive documents. So even if you only need searching, or if you only need sorting, it's likely a good idea to index both with points and doc values.

      Could we make this easier on users by having XXXField classes that automatically do it as opposed to requiring users to add both an XXXPoint and an XXXDocValuesField for every numeric field to their index? This could also make consuming these fields easier, e.g. factory methods for range queries could automatically use IndexOrDocValuesQuery.


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