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Handle deletions in nearest vector search



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      Currently nearest vector search doesn't account for deleted documents. Even if a document is not in LeafReader#getLiveDocs, it could still be returned from LeafReader#searchNearestVectors. This seems like it'd be surprising + difficult for users, since other search APIs account for deleted docs. We've discussed extending the search logic to take a parameter like Bits liveDocs. This issue discusses options around adding support.

      One approach is to just filter out deleted docs after running the KNN search. This behavior seems hard to work with as a user: fewer than k docs might come back from your KNN search!

      Alternatively, LeafReader#searchNearestVectors could always return the k nearest undeleted docs. To implement this, HNSW could omit deleted docs while assembling its candidate list. It would traverse further into the graph, visiting more nodes to ensure it gathers the required candidates. (Note deleted docs would still be visited/ traversed). The hnswlib library contains an implementation like this, where you can mark documents as deleted and they're skipped during search.

      This approach seems reasonable to me, but there are some challenges:

      • Performance can be unpredictable. If deletions are random, it shouldn't have a huge effect. But in the worst case, a segment could have 50% deleted docs, and they all happen to be near the query vector. HNSW would need to traverse through around half the entire graph to collect neighbors.
      • As far as I know, there hasn't been academic research or any testing into how well this performs in terms of recall. I have a vague intuition it could be harder to achieve high recall as the algorithm traverses areas further from the "natural" entry points. The HNSW paper doesn't mention deletions/ filtering, and I haven't seen community benchmarks around it.

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