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      I am requesting that the code added to Log4JCategory in
      commons-logging-1.0.1 that sets up a default initialization in log4j be

      Why? When I put 1.0.1 in place of 1.0, I started getting extraneous
      messages logged to the console. Subsequent research led me to the new
      initialization code in Log4JCategory. The problem is in the way the
      initialization code tries to decide if log4j has been configured. It
      assumes that the root category has been configured with an appender. I
      happen to have a log4j properties configuration that doesn't configure
      an appender, so the initialization code couldn't tell that log4j had
      been configured, it created the default root appender, and I started
      getting the extraneous messages.

      I realize there are easy workarounds for my particular problem, but I
      believe this presents a more philosophical issue. Quoting from the
      commons-logging api org.apache.commons.logging package description:

      "The basic principle is that the user is totally responsible for the
      configuration of the underlying logging system. Commons-logging should
      not change the existing configuration."

      The code in question directly violates this expressly stated principal
      and is inappropriate. Allowing this code to remain opens a Pandora's box
      of attempts to configure the underlying logger, which should be resisted
      based on the above principal.


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