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Initialization of local static objects out of order on Linux


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      Linux (Redhat FC5), gcc-4.1.1, GNU ld 2.16, APR 1.2.2, APR-util 1.2.7


      (There is a bug that describes similar symptoms, LOGCXX-112, now closed; I couldn't figure out how to re-open it).

      I'm getting SEGFAULTs while trying to access log4cxx functions from a destructor of a global class instance. After some digging here's what I found: it seems that local static variables used by some log4cxx functions get destructed too early, (e.g., the string in NDC::getNull). The destructors of these object get called before the static destructors of user classes (I verified this in a debugger). I can also demonstrate this behavior in a completely isolated (not using log4cxx), simple program. I actually suspect this may be a "feature" of gcc and/or GNU ld, not necessarly a problem with log4cxx, since like I said it happens consitently with or without log4cxx code.

      I'm quite sure changing local static vars to be global (either standalone or as static class-members) will solve this.


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