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Minor documentation issues with the 2.1 release



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      Minor issues with the site:

      • On the Appenders page, the docs for MemoryMappedFileAppender mention "New since 2.1-beta." Should just be 2.1... I missed that.
      • The Layouts page does not mention the new GELF layout.
      • The left-hand navigation bar for Layouts does not have a link to JSONLayout
      • Javadoc is in the Java 6 format (I thought we did something to make it use the nicer looking Java 8 format?)
      • The Configuration manual page is wider than normal and displays a horizontal scrollbar.
        I suspect this is because in the System Properties table the Default Value org.apache.logging.log4j.jul.ApiLoggerAdapter cannot be wrapped over multiple lines.
      • On the Build page, the comment in italics below the title has the same color as links, but it is not a link. Bit confusing.
      • (Personal taste perhaps): On the Runtime Dependencies page, the warnings against combining log4j-slf4j-impl with log4j-to-slf4j have a very light color that makes them a bit hard to read and does not stand out very much. I would prefer a color that contrasts more with the white background. Red bold-face like on the webapp manual page would work for me.
      • (Enhancement, not a problem): The convenience of creating custom log levels in Log4j2 should be mentioned in the About page and the Manual Introduction page as one of the advantages of Log4j 2. (In log4j 1 users had to create a subclass.)

      Minor issues with the Manual PDF:

      • The Configuration page has a code example for advertisers that exceeds the page width.
      • The Configuration page's table with System Properties exceeds the page width.


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