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Log4J 2.19 breaks contract of order of loading of System Properties



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    • 2.19.0, 2.19.1
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      This change broke one of our systems on upgrading to 2.19.

      In our applications we had both LOG4J_CONFIGURATION_FILE environment variable as well as log4j.configurationFile system property set.

      In version 2.17.2 "log4j.configurationFile" gets priority vs in 2.19 "LOG4J_CONFIGURATION_FILE" gets priority. This also breaks the contract mentioned in the documentation.

      This is happening because of the normalization code here, https://github.com/apache/logging-log4j2/blob/release-2.x/log4j-api/src/main/java/org/apache/logging/log4j/util/PropertiesUtil.java#L503-L526


      When we are trying to normalize, we are checking if the source contains the normalKey. In case both log4j.configurationFile and LOG4J_CONFIGURATION_FILE are present, the following sequence happens,

      1. log4j.configurationFile does not get inserted into the normalized map because the normal key is log4j2.configurationFile which is not present in the SystemPropertiesSource.
      2. Then when we hit the EnvironmentPropertiesSource, log4j.configurationFile is normalized to LOG4J_CONFIGURATION_FILE and then an entry is made in the normalized map with key = log4j.configurationFile, but value of LOG4J_CONFIGURATION_FILE.
      3. During look up with first look into normalized map, so now we got the wrong value (EnvironmentVariable instead of SystemProperty).


      I am aware changing "log4j.configurationFile" to "log4j2.configurationFile" can fix the issue, however this is clearly a backward incompatible change which will require this change across a lot of consumers who want to upgrade to log4j 2.19

      I can think of two ways to fix this,

      1. We make an entry into the normalized map with the actual key if the normalized key is not present in the source, OR
      2. While fetching we prefer literal map over normalized map.

      Would like to know which of the approaches would be better, can raise a PR accordingly.


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