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Wasted work in StyleConverterTest.setupClass


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0-beta7
    • Fix Version/s: 2.0-beta8
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      The problem appears in Log4j 2.0-beta7 and in revision 1498026. I
      attached a one-line patch (patch.diff) that fixes it.

      In method "StyleConverterTest.setupClass", the loop over
      "config.getAppenders().entrySet()" should break immediately after
      "app" is set the first time to "entry.getValue()". I don't think
      "app" is set a second time (and therefore all future iterations are
      not useful), but if it is, then there is a problem in the
      implementation: when the loop exits, "app" would be set to the last
      value of "entry.getValue()" that has "entry.getKey()" equal to "List";
      however "config.getAppenders().entrySet()" is a Set and therefore the
      order of iterating it is non-deterministic, i.e., the implementation
      should not rely on what the "last value" is.

      Methods "ThrowableTest.setupClass" and
      "ExtendedThrowableTest.setupClass" have similar problems. I attached
      similar patches (patch2.diff and patch3.diff respectively) for them.

      1. patch.diff
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        Adrian Nistor
      2. patch2.diff
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        Adrian Nistor
      3. patch3.diff
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        Adrian Nistor


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