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Don't create exit message in traceExit(R) when logging is disabled



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      We recently added a

      return traceExit(retvalue);

      to a given method in our project, where before we simply had

      return retvalue;

      We then noticed that the running time of our software skyrocketed because of this change (the given method that this traceExit call was added to is called very often). On a particular test case, the execution time grew from 3 minutes to 15 minutes.

      The surprising thing: This happened even when logging at TRACE level was disabled.

      After profiling, we found out that traceExit(R) always internally generates a message, even when logging at TRACE level is disabled. This can become extremely costly when traceExit(R) is called very often, and it doesn't make any sense because these messages are not logged anyway.

      Technical explanation:

      Essentially, in org.apache.logging.log4j.spi.AbstractLogger, the method traceExit(final R result) calls the method exit(final String fqcn, final String format, final R result), which in turn makes the call logIfEnabled(fqcn, Level.TRACE, EXIT_MARKER, exitMsg(format, result), null).

      This means that exitMsg(format, result) is always called, even when logging on TRACE level is disabled. Thus, a StringBuilder is invoked every time, which constructs a String and then throws it away because logging is disabled anyway.

      This implies that traceExit(R) can only be used for methods that are not called very often. For methods that are called often, calling traceExit(R) cannot be sensibly used because it utterly kills performance.

      Could you fix this? It seems unnecessary to call exitMsg(final String format, final Object result) when logging is disabled anyway.




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