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CronTriggeringPolicy breaks awefully when using "reconfigure" of LoggerContext

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      I've a major problem when using CronTriggeringPolicy in Spring Boot environments.
      I've tracked the problem down to Log4J2.
      The following is happening:

      • When the Spring context is created, getContext is called which results in creation on the Log4J context and the cron trigger is registered as normal
      • After that Spring starts a reinitialization of the LoggerSystem by calling "reconfigure" of the LoggerContext of Log4J.
      • This results in very weird behvaiour of Log4J:
        • Log4J finds the already created RollingFileManager in the "MAP" field in the AbstractManager class.
        • As it was already available it calls the "updateData" which in result registers the trigger again.
        • After that the "initialize" method is called on the RollingFileManager, which again registers the trigger. (The cron trigger is now scheduled 3 times! First time by the normal getContext initialization and two times more by the reconfiguration)

      The good thing is: As the old configuration gets destroyed, the old scheduler is being shutdown too, but the last schedule of the first cron trigger is called nevertheless.

      So basically you get 3 cron trigger calls, where 2 of them are rescheduled.

      How it should be fixed (from my point of view):

      • Kill old CronTriggers from scheduling when the context gets reconfigured
      • Do not call initialize for the triggering policy when the RollingFileManager is updated as this is done afterwards nevertheless


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