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Incubator release votes

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      This assumes the Incubator is regarded as a special construct within the Foundation. These are general guidelines and there may be circumstances where they don't apply.

      Podlings making releases in this way must include the DISCLAIMER-WIP disclaimer rather than the standard incubator DISCLAIMER. The DISCLAIMER-WIP disclaimer includes the text of the standard disclaimer, some addition text stating that releases may not be fully compliant with ASF policy and this release licenses must be carefully checked and a list of know issues.

      If the standard DISCLAIMER is used then the release needs to comply with all ASF policies.

      If the DISCLAIMER-WIP is used then the following applies:

      Blocker - must be fixed and and revote on:

      • Missing DISCLAIMER-WIP
      • Missing LICENSE
      • Missing NOTICE
      • 3rd party Category X or Category B bundled code licenses not listed in LICENSE
      • Invalid or missing both checksums and signatures

      Blocker - Must be fixed and before release but voting can continue.

      • Missing KEYS file
      • Distribution not in the correct dist directory
      • Invalid or missing signatures as long as checksum is ok
      • Invalid or missing checksum as long as signature is ok
      • Valid SHA1 or MD5 checksum instead of SHA256 or SHA512

      Issue: Release, then add to DISCLAIMER-WIP and file a JIRA to fix before next release.

      • Missing ASF headers
      • ASF headers missing or incorrect headers on files
      • 3rd party Category A bundled code licenses not listed in LICENSE
      • Included compiled code (which is Category A)
      • Included compiled code (which is Category B/X)
      • Includes uncategorised source code

      Minor Issue: Release, then add to DISCLAIMER-WIP and file a JIRA to fix before graduation

      • Includes Category X source code (or other files). License must be included.
      • Includes Category B source code (which makes it Category X). License must be included.
      • Includes content that they don’t have permission to distribute (copyright issue). May be more serious depending on what's included
      • Has Category X dependencies
      • Has uncategorised dependencies
      • Extra information in NOTICE or LICENSE
      • Malformed NOTICE




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