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When ldap is opened, I use an ignored case user to login, the page does not respond.



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    • Affects Version/s: v2.3.0
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      When ldap is opened, I config the kylin.properties, and give wkhGroup the admin permission.

      ## Admin roles in LDAP, for ldap and saml

      then I create a new user named 'wkh' whose group is 'wkhGroup', then I use 'wkh' to login in, which is normal.
      But when I use 'WKH' to login in, the page does not respond.
      I analyze the backgroud code, and find the function of 'org.apache.kylin.rest.security.LDAPAuthoritiesPopulator.getGroupMembershipRoles(String, String)' has problem.
      When userDn is "uid=wkh,ou=People,ou=defaultCluster,dc=zdh,dc=com" and username is "WKH", then authorities will be empty Set by the follow code:

      Set<GrantedAuthority> authorities = super.getGroupMembershipRoles(userDn, username);

      So I have added 'getAdditionalRoles' function to get the authorities again.
      I have test the patch, please review, thanks!


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