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C++11 breaks compaction on mac os x



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Blocker
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 0.7.0
    • Component/s: tablet
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      I have a fairly big table (~100GBs) that, when bootstrapped on current master, fails after a while with:

      0118 12:37:05.870913 60088320 rowset_info.cc:73] Check failed: imax.compare(max) <= 0 (1 vs. 0) 
      *** Check failure stack trace: ***
          @        0x105f43233  google::LogMessage::SendToLog()
          @        0x105f43841  google::LogMessage::Flush()
          @        0x105f472df  google::LogMessageFatal::~LogMessageFatal()
          @        0x105f440b9  google::LogMessageFatal::~LogMessageFatal()
          @        0x1033b69d2  kudu::tablet::(anonymous namespace)::DCheckInside()
          @        0x1033b659b  kudu::tablet::(anonymous namespace)::StringFractionInRange()
          @        0x1033b48be  kudu::tablet::(anonymous namespace)::WidthByDataSize()
          @        0x1033b37ba  kudu::tablet::RowSetInfo::CollectOrdered()
          @        0x1033435b1  kudu::tablet::BudgetedCompactionPolicy::SetupKnapsackInput()
          @        0x103343a76  kudu::tablet::BudgetedCompactionPolicy::PickRowSets()
          @        0x103262349  kudu::tablet::Tablet::UpdateCompactionStats()
          @        0x103261dd6  kudu::tablet::CompactRowSetsOp::UpdateStats()
          @        0x10336db4a  kudu::MaintenanceManager::FindBestOp()
          @        0x10336bd31  kudu::MaintenanceManager::RunSchedulerThread()
          @        0x103375f02  boost::_mfi::mf0<>::operator()()
          @        0x103375e50  boost::_bi::list1<>::operator()<>()
          @        0x103375dcc  boost::_bi::bind_t<>::operator()()
          @        0x103375b8d  boost::detail::function::void_function_obj_invoker0<>::invoke()
          @        0x105a4e60b  boost::function0<>::operator()()
          @        0x105ad51c4  kudu::Thread::SuperviseThread()
          @     0x7fff93aebc13  _pthread_body
          @     0x7fff93aebb90  _pthread_start
          @     0x7fff93ae9375  thread_start

      This happens always, after a while, and I knew it didn't happen a few weeks ago so I ran git bisect and the culprit is the patch that enables c++ 11. I don't know whether this is a mac only problem or a general problem.

      Git bisect results:

      9806863e78107505a622b44112a897189d9b3c24 is the first bad commit
      commit 9806863e78107505a622b44112a897189d9b3c24
      Author: Dan Burkert <dan@cloudera.com>
      Date:   Mon Nov 30 12:15:36 2015 -0800
          Enable C++11
          This is a rollup of changes necessary to move Kudu to C++11.
          Component changes have been individually reviewed, as follows:
          Enable Red Hat devtoolset in RHEL 6 Environments
          We are moving to C++11 in the near future, and will require a C++11 compatible
          compiler on all suported platforms. Since the RHEL 6 system compiler (GCC 4.4)
          does not support C++11, we need an alternate. The Red Hat devtoolset provides a
          toolchain with GCC 4.9. Libraries (such as libkudu_client.so) which are compiled
          with the Red Hat devtoolset toolchain automatically statically link portions of
          the standard library which are new for C++11. This will allow us to take
          advantage of C++11 features in the client, but still remain compatible with
          stock RHEL 6 systems.
          This commit modifies the Jenkins build and test scripts to take advantage of the
          devtoolset toolchain, hides the std library symbols that the devtoolset
          links into library objects, and adds the devtoolset location to the default gcc
          toolchain search paths for the thirdparty LLVM compiler. Additionally, since a
          system compiler which supports C++11 can now be assumed, the precompiled clang
          compiler is no longer a dependency on Linux and has been removed.
          Change Id: I5505911044aa9fda8fb5010c6fe446c8f5c5616e
          Build thirdparty clang with system compiler
          We build LLVM 3.4.2 in thirdparty, but it requires a c++11 compiler to build.
          Now that we require the system compiler to be c++11 compatible, we no longer
          need the bootstrapping compiler.
          Change Id: I4800d9eec0a566bcf71c59abdeae6a6d8b6cb40a
          Enable C++11
          Change Id: Ia9463b46428450e1a29c1684d47b46f96bf965cb
          C++11: replace list_of with initializer lists
          Change Id: I0d258e35a38be3a47854e51bd110dc07f05bdd3f
          Replace boost::tuple with std::tuple
          Change Id: Ia258a1833a4ae3509a3781717386324fdd63ef88
          C++11: replace util::gtl::is_sorted with std::is_sorted
          Change Id: Ifc51c4519c5c055aa62887fc6dcc1836572102f5
          C++11: remove tr1
          Change Id: I6c5559f9d14860fd568f86809377d94e5e1d3e6e
          Add kudu::client::sp::shared_ptr as public shared pointer type
          Change Id: I02d1c3691294f82498b9dfd25253cfca0b196dda
          Replace gnu_cxx::hash with std::hash
          gnu_cxx::hash is obsolete since c++11 introduced std::hash.
          Change Id: Ic7e6af40cf8e6ca5069ad0185d4c136c4793fc31
          Add OS X search paths when compiling with thirdparty clang
          Change Id: I56051b321c9c9d3a1a521b4188e47961f64acd50
          Replace boost::unique_lock with std::unique_lock
          These particular uses of boost locks were failing to compile on Centos6 because
          the system boost version is buggy when compiling with move semantics.
          Change Id: I424077b29ac2ae10761df4afb12f554213c049be
          Replace boost::shared_lock with kudu::shared_lock in WriteTransaction
          The Boost shared_lock implementation distributed with Centos6 does not compile
          with move semantics (specifically the operator= method). std::shared_lock is not
          available till c++14.
          Change Id: Icd42e3cb88f8c5e5d992d3f0d0324b6c9f81d915
          Update mem tracker allocator for libc++ compatibility
          The unordered_map type in libc++ is finicky about custom allocators.
          Change Id: I8ca226abb2c7e3ca95c68533979e97dea4552b63
          Update thirdparty llvm from 3.4 to 3.7
          This updates our thirdparty LLVM version from 3.4 to 3.7. Major changes:
          * ASAN and TSAN builds now use the thirdparty clang instead of the bootstrapping
            clang toolchain. The clang toolchain has been removed from the build process.
          * Python 2.7 is now built in thirdparty on systems which have a different system
            Python version. Python 2.7 is a build dependency of LLVM 3.6+.
          * Updated LLVM API calls in the codegen module.
          Change Id: I9023dd138373bb580892877e437b9199b690bde3
          Build instrumented thirdparty with libstdc++ in TSAN mode
          The new c++11 toolchain is more sensitive to TSAN issues in the standard
          library. This commit adds a TSAN instrumented libstdcxx 4.9.3 to the thirdparty
          build when building with TSAN.
          Change Id: I2157469910c38b6e1c750e431c564e7d2f7b7e58
          Update YCM config for c++11
          Change Id: I64b24b148d19fe3b0fa0acd655f081143118b191
          Remove import of macos mach-o/loader.h from gutil/port.h
          The llvm/Support/MachO.h header redefines constants as enum variants using the
          same identifier as macro constants declared in the mach-o/loader.h system
          header. This causes issues when macho-o/loader.h is included before the LLVM
          This commit removes the reliance on mach-o/loader.h in gutil/port.h by removing
          some unused macros for working with attribute sections in binaries. The solution
          is not perfect, since the system header may be necessary in the future, but hopefully
          by then a fix will have landed in upstream LLVM
          Change Id: Ib41ee2b53f39589d48622a12378a51e1a49c74bb
          C++11: Simplify thirdparty TSAN build
          This commit addresses Adar's feedback on the C++11 patch. TSAN instrumented
          dependencies are now always built on Linux and installed into an alternate
          prefix. This commit will be squashed into the C++11 mega patch prior to
          The thirdparty directory now includes three prefixes: thirdparty/installed for
          tools and C-only libraries, thirdparty/installed-deps for C++ dependencies, and
          thirdparty/installed-deps-tsan for C++ dependencies for TSAN builds. Keeping the
          prefixes seperate allows us to not require rebuilding thirdparty when switching
          to or from a TSAN instrumented build.
          Change Id: I5e9824db19383556da88053779bdde1e66cdfa44
          Change-Id: Ic52cbf98f583a3a953b1910e0017a8af448660d7
          Reviewed-on: http://gerrit.cloudera.org:8080/1687
          Reviewed-by: Dan Burkert <dan@cloudera.com>
          Tested-by: Dan Burkert <dan@cloudera.com>
      :100644 100644 38d2071b50d7e235eda11053181852e6cfbd487a e4537343c1fcd8c88477b70ee42591917eeeae57 M	.ycm_extra_conf.py
      :100644 100644 90ea9c95d8f630bf5ea1ea166c43d4deb682fd4c f803da71df0ae18e8a380f01bdcc446b8c9c91c6 M	CMakeLists.txt
      :100644 100644 7f03ac70584d4f5a522ebc30c401b45dbda539e7 c24a731d68e4121aa88ae968dd1c2429da3af30f M	README.adoc
      :040000 040000 e049c85ff18124127683cad228edcb546ae9398f 4c66c1fb76901d336ca76ed6438560b236a6900a M	build-support
      :040000 040000 643ad42af5e4b90cc28b3f1eee00b7b9b0496fb8 43c19d66e503ee3a3f3a8c0dcd77f75ac03bcd3f M	cmake_modules
      :040000 040000 a53aedb3c452ab78c9eb68874e06b03d5c6a4e56 e425ad4afb97b5ee88af5097b6284c6b22b0520a M	java
      :040000 040000 b51eaf41acad0abe9db8999db63aecbff63e7139 220757244d44805199d615102bc8e3b69a732712 M	src
      :040000 040000 2c124089a9e2e1141195cbb45429f4a101e74684 0bde0f74bb9eed9e9b61fb2d945fc784eeb3c29c M	thirdparty




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