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OS X Limitations & Known Issues



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      This is a tracking ticket for known issues of running Kudu on OS X.

      1. The hybrid logical clock has error permanently set to 0us. This is a result of the ntp_gettime (or similar) API not existing on Darwin. The result is that using the hybrid logical clock on a cluster of OS X hosts is unsupported (a single-host Kudu installation is fine).
        UPDATE: with macOS High Sierra (10.13), the hybrid clock is now supported for Kudu 1.12 and newer
      2. The Kudu client library does not properly hide non-public symbols. This is a result of the --version-script option being unavailable on the OS X system linker.
      3. The log block manager is not supported on OS X. This is a result of OS X not supporting sparse files and hole punching.
      4. Some of the monitoring and debugging tools built in to Kudu do not work properly. In particular, stack traces (both user and kernel) may not work, and the /pprof endpoint on server pages may not work correctly.
      5. ASAN tests will run and flag issues correctly, but LSAN is disabled (it is Linux only), and there are many false positives.


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