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Add support for proxying NiFi



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      Apache NiFi hosts several known UIs/APIs at various context paths (/nifi, /nifi-api, /nifi-docs, etc) and several dynamically discovered UIs/APIs depending on individual installations/configurations of NiFi through multiple component versions and custom NARs.

      Knox needs to be able to proxy to all of the available context paths in NiFi without being configured for each one individually.

      The X-Forwarded-Context header set by Knox when proxying needs to include the context path at which Knox is hosted (for example, /gateway/sandbox) and the path at which the NiFi services are proxied (for example, nifi-web). Using this header with the extra context path information (from the given examples, /gateway/sandbox/nifi-web), Knox needs to be able to rewrite URLs of incoming requests to the root context of the web server hosted by NiFi.

      When proxying to a secured NiFi instance/cluster set up with multi-tenancy, Knox also needs to set an additional header required by NiFi, X-ProxiedEntitiesChain, which will contain the identity of the user making the request to Knox. If the header is present in an incoming request to Knox, it must be able to take the DN from the SSL cert of the requesting client (two-way SSL) and add it to the value received in the header. The requests made from Knox to NiFi must also be made with two-way SSL so that NiFi can obtain the Knox server DN from its certificate. The values present in the X-ProxiedEntitiesChain will be used to authorize each identity specified in the header of the proxied request before the operation will be performed by NiFi.


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