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Add JoinReason to the join group request for better rebalance handling



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      Recently mgharat and I discussed about the current rebalance logic on leader join group request handling. So far we blindly trigger rebalance when the leader rejoins. The caveat is that KIP-345 is not covering this effort and if a consumer group is not using sticky assignment but using other strategy like round robin, the redundant rebalance could still shuffle the topic partitions around consumers. (for example mirror maker application)

      I checked on broker side and here is what we currently do:


      if (group.isLeader(memberId) || !member.matches(protocols))  
      // force a rebalance if a member has changed metadata or if the leader sends JoinGroup. 
      // The latter allows the leader to trigger rebalances for changes affecting assignment 
      // which do not affect the member metadata (such as topic metadata changes for the consumer) 

      Based on the broker logic, we only need to trigger rebalance for leader rejoin when the topic metadata change has happened. I also looked up the ConsumerCoordinator code on client side, and found out the metadata monitoring logic here:

      public boolean rejoinNeededOrPending() {
      // we need to rejoin if we performed the assignment and metadata has changed
      if (assignmentSnapshot != null && !assignmentSnapshot.equals(metadataSnapshot))
        return true;

       I guess instead of just returning true, we could introduce a new enum field called JoinReason which could indicate the purpose of the rejoin. Thus we don't need to do a full rebalance when the leader is just in rolling bounce.

      We could utilize this information I guess. Just add another enum field into the join group request called JoinReason so that we know whether leader is rejoining due to topic metadata change. If yes, we trigger rebalance obviously; if no, we shouldn't trigger rebalance.



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