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Improve locking model used to update ISRs and HW



    • Type: Improvement
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.1.0
    • Fix Version/s: 2.5.0
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      We currently use a ReadWriteLock in Partition to update ISRs and high water mark for the partition. This can result in severe lock contention if there are multiple producers writing a large amount of data into a single partition.

      The current locking model is:

      1. read lock while appending to log on every Produce request on the request handler thread
      2. write lock on leader change, updating ISRs etc. on request handler or scheduler thread
      3. write lock on every replica fetch request to check if ISRs need to be updated and to update HW and ISR on the request handler thread

      2) is infrequent, but 1) and 3) may be frequent and can result in lock contention. If there are lots of produce requests to a partition from multiple processes, on the leader broker we may see:

      1. one slow log append locks up one request thread for that produce while holding onto the read lock
      2. (replicationFactor-1) request threads can be blocked waiting for write lock to process replica fetch request
      3. potentially several other request threads processing Produce may be queued up to acquire read lock because of the waiting writers.

      In a thread dump with this issue, we noticed several request threads blocked waiting for write, possibly to due to replication fetch retries.


      Possible fixes:

      1. Process `Partition#maybeExpandIsr` on a single scheduler thread similar to `Partition#maybeShrinkIsr` so that only a single thread is blocked on the write lock. But this will delay updating ISRs and HW.
      2. Change locking in `Partition#maybeExpandIsr` so that only read lock is acquired to check if ISR needs updating and write lock is acquired only to update ISRs. Also use a different lock for updating HW (perhaps just the Partition object lock) so that typical replica fetch requests complete without acquiring Partition write lock on the request handler thread.

      I will submit a PR for 2) , but other suggestions to fix this are welcome.



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