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System tests do not handle ZK chroot properly with SCRAM



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      This is related to the issue observed inĀ KAFKA-6672. There, we are now automatically creating parent nodes if they do not exist. However, if using a chroot within ZK and that chroot does not yet exist, you get an error message about "Path length must be > 0" as it tries to create all the parent paths.

      It would probably be better to be able to detect this issue and account for it, but currently system test code will fail if you use SCRAM and a chroot because while Kafka will create the chroot when it starts up, there are some commands related to security that may need to be executed before that and assume the chroot will already be there.

      We're currently missing this because while the chroot option is there, nothing in Kafka's tests are currently exercising it. So given what is apparently a common assumption in tools that the chroot already exists (since I think the core kafka server is the only thing that handles creating it if needed), I think the fix here would be two-fold:

      1. Make KafkaService ensure the chroot exists before running any commands that might need it.
      2. On at least one test that exercises security support, use a zk_chroot so that functionality is at least reasonably well exercised.

      It would be good to have this in both trunk and 1.1 branches.


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