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      Currently the consumer directly writes their offsets to zookeeper. Two problems with this: (1) This is a poor use of zookeeper, and we need to replace it with a more scalable offset store, and (2) it makes it hard to carry over to clients in other languages. A first step towards accomplishing that is to add a proper Kafka API for committing offsets. The initial version of this would just write to zookeeper as we do today, but in the future we would then have the option of changing this.

      This api likely needs to take a sequence of consumer-group/topic/partition/offset entries and commit them all.

      It would be good to do a wiki design on how this would work and consensus on that first.

      1. KAFKA-657v8.patch
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        David Arthur
      2. KAFKA-657v7.patch
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      3. KAFKA-657v6.patch
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        David Arthur
      4. KAFKA-657v5.patch
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        David Arthur
      5. KAFKA-657v4.patch
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        David Arthur
      6. KAFKA-657v3.patch
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        David Arthur
      7. KAFKA-657v2.patch
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        David Arthur
      8. KAFKA-657v1.patch
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        David Arthur

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