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ReplicaFetcherThread stopped after ReplicaFetcherThread received a corrupted message



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    • Ubuntu 12.04, AWS D2 instance


      We recently discovered an issue in Kafka (), where ReplicaFetcherThread stopped after ReplicaFetcherThread received a corrupted message. As the same logic exists also in Kafka and, they may have the similar issue.

      Here are system logs related to this issue.
      2016-10-30 - 02:33:05,606 ERROR ReplicaFetcherThread-5-1590174474 ReplicaFetcherThread.apply - Found invalid messages during fetch for partition [logs,41] offset 39021512238 error Message is corrupt (stored crc = 2028421553, computed crc = 3577227678)
      2016-10-30 - 02:33:06,582 ERROR ReplicaFetcherThread-5-1590174474 ReplicaFetcherThread.error - [ReplicaFetcherThread-5-1590174474], Error due to kafka.common.KafkaException: - error processing data for partition [logs,41] offset 39021512301 Caused - by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Offset mismatch: fetched offset = 39021512301, log end offset = 39021512238.

      First, ReplicaFetcherThread got a corrupted message (offset 39021512238) due to some blip.

      Line https://github.com/apache/kafka/blob/ threw exception

      Then, Line https://github.com/apache/kafka/blob/ caught it and logged this error.

      Because https://github.com/apache/kafka/blob/ updated the topic partition offset to the fetched latest one in partitionMap. So ReplicaFetcherThread skipped the batch with corrupted messages.

      Based on https://github.com/apache/kafka/blob/, the ReplicaFetcherThread then directly fetched the next batch of messages (with offset 39021512301)

      Next, ReplicaFetcherThread stopped because the log end offset (still 39021512238) didn't match the fetched message (offset 39021512301).

      A quick fix is to move line 134 to be after line 138.

      Would be great to have your comments and please let me know if a Jira issue is needed. Thanks.


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