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Feature Request: Introduce max.record.size Configuration Parameter for Producers



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      Currently, Kafka producers have a max.request.size configuration that limits the size of the request sent to Kafka brokers, which includes both compressed and uncompressed data sizes. However, it is also the maximum size of an individual record before it is compressed. This can lead to inefficiencies and unexpected behaviours, particularly when records are significantly large before compression but fit multiple times into the max.request.size after compression.


      During spikes in data transmission, especially with large records, even when compressed within the limits of max.request.size, it causes an increase in latency and potential backlog in processing due to the large batch sizes formed by compressed records. This problem is particularly pronounced when using highly efficient compression algorithms like zstd, where the compressed size may allow for large batches that are inefficient to process.

      Proposed Solution:

      Introduce a new producer configuration parameter: max.record.size. This parameter will allow administrators to define the maximum size of a record before it is compressed. This would help in managing expectations and system behavior more predictably by separating uncompressed record size limit from compressed request size limit.


      1. Predictability: Producers can reject records that exceed the max.record.size before spending resources on compression.
      2. Efficiency: Helps in maintaining efficient batch sizes and system throughput, especially under high load conditions.
      3. System Stability: Avoids the potential for large batch processing which can affect latency and throughput negatively.

      Example: Consider a scenario where the producer sends records up to 20 MB in size which, when compressed, fit into a batch under the 25 MB max.request.size }}multiple times. These batches can be problematic to process efficiently, even though they meet the current maximum request size constraints. With {{{}max.record.size, we could separate max.request.size to only limit compressed request size creation, thus helping us limit that to say 5 MB. Thus, preventing very large requests being made, and causing latency spikes.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Configure a Kafka producer with max.request.size set to 25 MB.
      2. Send multiple uncompressed records close to 20 MB that compress to less than 25 MB.
      3. Observe the impact on Kafka broker performance and client side latency.

      Expected Behavior: The producer should allow administrators to set both pre-compression record size limits and total request size limits post compression.




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