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The default.dsl.store config is not compatible with custom state stores



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      Sort of a bug, sort of a new/missing feature. When we added the long-awaited default.dsl.store config, it was decided to scope the initial KIP to just the two out-of-the-box state stores types offered by Streams, rocksdb and in-memory. The reason being that this would address a large number of the relevant use cases, and could always be followed up with another KIP for custom state stores if/when the demand arose.

      Of course, since rocksdb is the default anyways, the only beneficiaries of this KIP right now are the people who specifically want only in-memory stores – yet custom state stores users are probably by far the ones with the greatest need for an easier way to configure the store type across an entire application. And unfortunately, because the config currently relies on enum definitions for the known OOTB store types, there's not really any way to extend this feature as it is to work with custom implementations.

      I think this is a great feature, which is why I hope to see it extended to the broader user base. Most likely we'll want to introduce a new config for this, though whether it replaces the old default.dsl.store config or complements it will have to be decided during the KIP discussion




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