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Move ThroughputThrottler, break connect-runtime dependency on tools



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      Currently there is only one dependency on the `tools` module, `connect-runtime`.
      This dependency is only for one class, the ThroughputThrottler. This class is used by:

      1. tools main ProducerPerformance
      2. tools main VerifiableProducer
      3. runtime main SchemaSourceConnector
      4. runtime main VerifiableSourceConnector
      5. runtime test MonitorableSourceConnector

      For KAFKA-14627, I want to be able to have `tools` (test) depend on `connect-runtime` (test). This is because we are adding a connect-specific command-line utility, and wish to re-use some of the existing connect test infrastructure to unit test the new command-line utility. Unfortunately naively adding this new dependency to tools causes a circular dependency that prevents the project from building.

      Instead of refactoring the connect-specific test utilities out to a new package that both runtime and tools can depend on, it appears to make more sense to move the more generic `ThroughputThrottler` class into some common package.

      This common package could be:
      1. clients
      2. server common
      3. some other existing package which would be a new dependency for tools
      4. a new package consisting of just the `ThroughputThrottler` class

      I'm not sure which one of these makes the most sense, and would appreciate guidance on what would make the most sense for ownership and maintenance.


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