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Kafka Producer nodes stuck in CHECKING_API_VERSIONS



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      I have been seeing expired batch errors in my app.

      org.apache.kafka.common.errors.TimeoutException: Expiring 51 record(s) for xxx-17:120002 ms has passed since batch creation

       I would have assumed a request timout or connection timeout should have also been logged. I could not find any other associated errors. 

      I added some instrumenting to my app and have traced this down to broker connections hanging in CHECKING_API_VERSIONS state. It appears there is no effective timeout for Kafka Producer broker connections in CHECKING_API_VERSIONS state.

      In the code see the after the NetworkClient connects to a broker node it makes a request to check api versions, when it receives the response it marks the node as ready. I am seeing that sometimes a reply is not received for the check api versions request the connection just hangs in CHECKING_API_VERSIONS state until it is disposed I assume after the idle connection timeout.

      Update: not actually sure what causes the connection to get stuck in CHECKING_API_VERSIONS.

      I am guessing the connection setup timeout should be still in play for this, but it is not.
      There is a connectingNodes set that is consulted when checking timeouts and the node is removed
      when ClusterConnectionStates.checkingApiVersions(String id) is called to transition the node into CHECKING_API_VERSIONS


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