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Leader should not update follower fetch offset if diverging epoch is present



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      In 2.7, we began doing fetcher truncation piggybacked on the Fetch protocol instead of using the old OffsetsForLeaderEpoch API. When truncation is detected, we return a `divergingEpoch` field in the Fetch response, but we do not set an error code. The sender is expected to check if the diverging epoch is present and truncate accordingly.

      All of this works correctly in the fetcher implementation, but the problem is that the logic to update the follower fetch position on the leader does not take into account the diverging epoch present in the response. This means the fetch offsets can be updated incorrectly, which can lead to either log divergence or the loss of committed data.

      For example, we hit the following case with 3 replicas. Leader 1 is elected in epoch 1 with an end offset of 100. The followers are at offset 101

      Broker 1: (Leader) Epoch 1 from offset 100
      Broker 2: (Follower) Epoch 1 from offset 101
      Broker 3: (Follower) Epoch 1 from offset 101

      Broker 1 receives fetches from 2 and 3 at offset 101. The leader detects the divergence and returns a diverging epoch in the fetch state. Nevertheless, the fetch positions for both followers are updated to 101 and the high watermark is advanced.

      After brokers 2 and 3 had truncated to offset 100, broker 1 experienced a network partition of some kind and was kicked from the ISR. This caused broker 2 to get elected, which resulted in the following state at the start of epoch 2.

      Broker 1: (Follower) Epoch 2 from offset 101
      Broker 2: (Leader) Epoch 2 from offset 100
      Broker 3: (Follower) Epoch 2 from offset 100

      Broker 2 was then able to write a new entry at offset 100 and the old record which may have been exposed to consumers was deleted by broker 1.


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