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Brokers should know the active controller ApiVersion after enabling KIP-590 forwarding



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      Admin clients send ApiVersions to the broker upon the first connection establishes. The tricky thing after forwarding is enabled is that for forwardable APIs, admin client needs to know a commonly-agreed range of ApiVersions among handling broker, active controller and itself.

      Right now the inter-broker APIs are guaranteed by IBP constraints, but not for forwardable APIs. A compromised solution would be to put all forwardable APIs under IBP, which is brittle and hard to maintain consistency.

      Instead, any broker connecting to the active controller should send an ApiVersion request from beginning, so it is easy to compute that information and send back to the admin clients upon ApiVersion request from admin.  Any rolling of the active controller will trigger reconnection between broker and controller, which guarantees a refreshed ApiVersions between the two. This approach avoids the tight bond with IBP and broker could just close the connection between admin client to trigger retry logic and refreshing of the ApiVersions. Since this failure should be rare, two round-trips and timeout delays are well compensated by the less engineering work.


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