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Connect Cast and ReplaceField transforms only support top-level fields and Cast does not support complex types.



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      When working with anything but the most simple of messages, you will inevitably run into nested structures and nested fields within other structures. These two transforms are very important when working with data and if we want to use Connect for anything except the most simple scenarios then they should support working with more complicated structures.

      Also, in case the messages have more complicated types such as Arrays or Maps that are not supported by the Flatten transform, it is not possible to do many "standard" feeling things with the messages such as using a JdbcSinkConnector to put the data into a database and use it in a database-driven system.  

      So it would be good if at a minimum we can Cast complex types as a string so that they can at least be sent along and stored in the database and then parsed later.  This is opposed to them just being completely blocked like is the current state.


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