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Provide a new maven-2 (only) build environment and restructure the source tree according to the maven-2 conventions


    • Type: Improvement
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    • Priority: Critical
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.2.0
    • Fix Version/s: 2.2.0
    • Component/s: Project Build
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      Java 5, Maven 2.0.7


      Following content copied from the message I send yesterday to the jetspeed-dev mailing list:

      I want to start with the new maven-2 build solution as I outlined before, see:

      Although I wasn't able to finish my initial plans for the J2-M2-REDUX branch, I think it will be a good starting point for others to join in.
      I'm planning to repeat the steps I did for that branch on the current trunk (2.2-SNAPSHOT), starting later today or early tomorrow.

      This means (globally) the following:

      • deleting all current M1 and M2 build configurations
      • refactoring the (source and resource) directory structures to get into line with the M2 recommendated setup
      • factor out the common portal resources (now scattered under etc/ and src/webapp/) in a new sub project
      • adding new M2 plugins for managing, distributing and executing these resources as needed
      • refactor the JetspeedSerializer component to allow better separation of concerns,
        e.g. it needs to become independent of other components which need a configured database for (Unit) testing
      • define new M2 project descriptors for building and testing (at least) the based portal components

      This requires a full overhaul of the current code base, so I need to be able to perform the above steps undisturbed by other changes.
      Other committers: please hold off changes to the trunk from now on until I'm ready.
      As I've already done all of the above before on the J2-M2-REDUX branch, I think I can complete this in a few days time.

      Now, after all of this, we're still far away from a new (fully) working build environment, especially with regards to building a working portal.
      Also, I'm still not 100% sure the solution for management of the portal resources I created is the best way to do so.
      It will need further review and discussion and possibly be changed again.
      For that and for completing the new M2 setup, I will need others to step up and help out.
      Especially with setting up basic and custom portal assembly and possibly archetype projects, migration guides and tools and of course a overhaul of our (build) documentation.

      As soon as I think I have a minimal new build setup ready for others to join in, I'll notify again on the list and ask for you help.

      For now, please all be warned the state of the trunk will be in turmoil and mostly unusable for the next few days and beyond.
      Developers currently still hooked up on the trunk best move to the 2.1.3-dev branch which is maintained for minor bugfixes and improvements to the latest 2.1.2 release.






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