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      Hadoop RDF Tools is a set of experimental modules developed internally at my employer (Cray) that has been agreed to open source by donating to the Jena project in order that the wider community can further their development.

      The donated code base comprises of 4 modules:

      • Hadoop RDF Common - Set of Writable implementations for representing primitive RDF types i.e. nodes, triples, quads
      • Hadoop RDF IO - Set of InputFormat, RecordReader, OutputFormat and RecordWriter implementations for consuming/producing RDF from Hadoop programs.
      • Hadoop RDF Map/Reduce - Set of Mapper and Reducer implementations that provide some common operations that users are likely to want to do with RDF data
      • Hadoop RDF Stats - Demo application that uses the other libraries to analyse some RDF data and produce various statistics on it

      Since this code was developed outside of the Apache process it is required to go through the IP Clearance procedure which is managed by the Incubator -

      This issue will act as a tracking point for tasks related to carrying out the IP Clearance process.

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