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Add RDF/JSON Parsing Support to RIOT




      The attached patch provides a RDF/JSON (Talis Specification) parser for RIOT, the patch is against ARQ trunk from the Jena SourceForge SVN repository

      It plugs in as an implementation of LangRIOT (named LangRDFJSON) and uses the existing TokenizerJSON from the atlas package to do the tokenisation. There is also a JenaReaderRdfJson added as part of this patch which does what the name suggests.

      I have also included in this patch a set of unit tests which verify the parsers behaviour with a variety of valid and invalid inputs.

      There are still some things to be addressed:

      • The patch includes registration of the Jena reader when SysRiot.writeIntoJena() is called but does not unregister itself when resetJenaReaders() is called, should this be done?
      • Add a RDF/JSON writer - a separate patch will be submitted at a later date (likely next week) for this

      Otherwise the patch is fairly comprehensive and I hope can be reviewed and included in future releases

      EDIT - I have now redone the patch against Apache SVN as well and attached that as a separate file since there are some differences in the structure of the two repos and some minor code changes that mean the SourceForge SVN patch cannot be applied directly against Apache SVN


        1. ARQ_JENA-127_r1179358.patch
          47 kB
          Paolo Castagna
        2. ARQ-RDF-JSON-tests_r1179639.patch
          19 kB
          Andy Seaborne
        3. JenaReaderRdfJson.java
          1 kB
          Rob Vesse
        4. LangRDFJSON.java
          13 kB
          Rob Vesse
        5. RdfJsonRiotPatch.patch
          44 kB
          Rob Vesse
        6. RdfJsonRiotPatch.patch
          43 kB
          Rob Vesse
        7. RdfJsonRiotPatch-ApacheSVN.patch
          100 kB
          Rob Vesse
        8. TestLangRdfJson.java
          19 kB
          Rob Vesse
        9. TestLangRdfJson.java
          18 kB
          Rob Vesse

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