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Add an option to read the Clustering Journal from a different source than the rest of the clustering info



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    • Affects Version/s: 2.2.9
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    • Component/s: clustering, jackrabbit-core
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      This patch adds the possibility to read (but not write) the Cluster JOURNAL from a different source than the rest of the cluster information. This makes it possible to setup a master/slave DB setup, where everything cluster related is read from the slave, but writes to the master. It reads the actual data also from the slave and assumes that this jackrabbit instance never does any writes (except for updating the cluster index position in the DB). We have to read the Cluster Journal from the slave to guarantee a consistent state

      More info why and how is here

      I didn't write any tests yet, if you can point me, where I should add them, I'll gladly do them.

      Would be great, if we could integrate that in any of the future Jackrabbit releases.

      It's of course fully backwards compatible, nothing changes, if you don't sepcify
      <param name="dataSourceNameJournalRead">
      in repository.xml


        1. database-slave-local-revision-on-file.diff
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          Bart van der Schans
        2. 0001-JCR-2968-Add-an-option-to-read-the-Clustering-Journa.patch
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          Jukka Zitting
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          Christian Stocker



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