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Separate Guice modules from Cassandr* apps for better reuse



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      I do love JAMES-3492 contribution effort however I do have to maintain several James deployments relying on ElasticSearch (version 6) that - sadly - I can not migrate quickly.

      As such, I consider backporting ES6 support in a third party repository not to delay in any way this ElasticSearch V7 migration work, and without altering my ability to deploy new releases.

      However current project structure do not allow me today to do that, as ElasticSearch guice modules are mixed with Cassandra guice modules and do pull the ES7 dependency in all downstream maven modules - clashing with the ES6 dependency I plan to use on my backports.

      A simple solution to this is to better split our maven modules:

      • Have a dedicated maven module for Cassandra guice modules
      • Have a dedicated maven module for ElasticSearch guice modules - that I gonna overide in my backport
      • Preserve the cassandra-guice module assembling the server - but with no modules
      • Have a dedicated maven module for the distributed modules (event-bus, mailqueue, task manager, blobstore module chooser)

      Basically the directory structure I propose would look like:

      server/container/guice/cassandra  # Guice modules for Cassandra
      server/container/guice/elasticsearch  # Guice modules for ElasticSearch
      server/container/guice/distributed  # Guice modules reusing RabbitMQ

      Definition of done:

      • No guice module are defined next to a cassandra* JamesServerMain.




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