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JMAP: Sending a message read reads too much data in Cassandra



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      Reading glowroot, I notice sending messages triggers many Cassandra requests.

      See attached screenshots:

      • [1] should overall requests. We can spot a very high number of mailboxes reads, acl reads, and message reads. The analysis of the traces entries shows that:
      • [2] attachment validation leads to many reads. For each attachment, 7 Cassandra reads is performed (checking both if the attachment had been uploaded or belongs to a message the user can read). Interestingly enough, a code analysis shows that:
      • messagev3 reads are uneeded upon attachment checks
      • AttachmentManager already expose grouped reads for attachments, but this API is not leveraged for perfomance enhancements.
      • [3] the request ends up mostly reading ACLs.
        This is linked to a full account search to retrieve the message that had been answered/forwarded. By retrieving mailboxes - and thus acls, we perform many unneeded reads.

      We expect a sharp drop in request count by:

      • Avoiding reading messagev3 table upon attachment right checks.
      • Grouping right validation for attachment at always attachments belongs to the same draft message.
      • Reworking all mailbox search to less read ACLs.


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