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Manage Mail Queue through CLI



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      The mail queue is the components allowing asynchronous mail processing in the James email server.

      The ManageableMailQueue exposes some interesting wiring functionalities like:

      • ManageableMailQueue::getSize
      • ManageableMailQueue::flush
      • ManageableMailQueue::clear
      • ManageableMailQueue::remove by recipient, sender or name
      • ManageableMailQueue::browse

      This functionality would be very helpful for an ADMIN, hence we should expose them in the CLI.

      Thus we would like to have the following CLI commands:

      QueueSize queueName
      flushQueue queueName
      clearQueue queueName
      removeFromQueue queueName [sender,recipient,name] sender@domain.com
      browseQueue queueName
      [Browse being returning mail name, sender, recipients]

      To do so:

      • Create a MailQueueManagementMBean and MailQueueManagement implementation, that exposes these functionalities (with one extra argument: queue name). MailQueueManagement would use the injected MailQueueFactory, and implement the given behaviour if the MailQueue is "manageable" and throw otherwise.
      • You need to add the commands in CmdType (as well as related tests)
      • Add your command handling in ServerCmd and add related tests
      • You need to record the given MBEAN in spring and Guice
      • An integration test in "james-server-cli-integration" would be welcome.

      Of course, feel free to ask for help on the gitter chat.




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