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References to dependent *.jar files reference the cache and not the local retrive directory


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    • Fix Version/s: 2.2.0.beta1
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      Windows, Eclispe 3.2.0, IvyDE 1.2.0, Ivy 1.4.0, JDK 1.5.x


      On the IvyDE settings screen I have checked the option: "do retrive after resolve".
      I gave a "lib folder" in my Eclispe project as target for the retrive.
      IvyDE still shows in mouse overs on the ivy container classpath entries like: C:{my stuff}\.ivy\cache[org][artifact]-[revision].[ext], the local "lib folder" is ignored.
      In other words, the Eclispe build fails if I manually deleted the cache for some reason, until I do a manual resolve again.

      For my daily work I use Eclipse. For full builds I use Ant. Ant build and Eclipse build should work as similar as possible. While classpath dependencies during compilation from Ant are resloved via the local lib files, Eclipse resolves them via the ivy cash. This happends besides that IvyDE as well copies the files into the project. As a result of this I can't move the project to my note book where I don't have access to my ivy cache directory. (As a workaround I remove the ivy container from .classpath and add the jar files from the "lib folder" manually, however this is error prone.

      Feature Request:
      As like with ant, which retrives all needed *.jar files, I like IvyDE to be able to retrieve into the exact same folder like my ant build.xml. I like the classpath container of Ivy to use this folder to provide the *.jar files on the classpath for eclispe.

      (Sorry for the long description, I liked to make it as clear as possible, as I realy wonder why IvyDE actualy behaves different ;D )


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