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Workspace resolver seems to ignore setting "Read OSGi metadata"

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    • 2.2.0.final
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    • workspace resolver
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    • Eclipse 4.2 (Juno), Java 1.6, Windows


      The problem happened with trunk build from builds.apache.org (https://builds.apache.org/job/IvyDE/268/) installed via update site for trunk builds.

      I'm developing two Eclipse plugins A and B in the same workspace. B depends on A. I use an IvyDE classpath container instead of the PDE one for both plugin projects. A has two packages: api (which is exported, i.e. listed in the plugin's manifest in section "Export-Package") and impl (which is not exported, i.e. not listed in the plugin's manifest).

      Now it is possible to access classes of package impl of plugin A from
      the project of plugin B without getting error markers in Eclipse. After
      setting the checkbox "Read OSGi metadata" on the global preferences of
      IvyDE I expected that this will cause IvyDE to setup the OSGi visibility
      constraints but the code in B that accesses the "hidden" classes from A
      is still not marked with an error. If I remove the IvyDE classpath
      containers from the plugin projects and use the PDE classpath container
      the error markers appear.



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