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Retrieve list does not resolve workspace projects




      The use case I have is that I'm using Ivy to resolve the dependencies for an EAR project in eclipse. Up to 2.2 the configuration we used was to resolve the ivy classpath container from the cache but to also retrieve the dependencies to a lib directory (without the revision in the name of the file).

      The EAR projects deployment assembly then deployed those libs to the application server.

      If a "utility module" project was also open in eclipse that was being published correctly as it was also included in the EAR's deployment assembly. If someone added a new dependency to the utility modules IVY file then that dependency was correctly being resolved in the EAR's lib directory.

      Now with 2.2 the resolve of the classpath container and the retrieve have been separated. The problem is that the retrieve does not resolve from the workspace. Any new dependencies added to a utility module do NOT show up in the EAR lib directory but they do show up in the IVY classpath container.

      We tried changing the EAR's ivy setting to build the classpath from "retrieved artifacts" but you then lose the resolved version information which is not really an option (i.e. the retrieve pattern must be 'lib/[artifact].[ext]' for the deployment to work so we now have no way to know what version dependencies were resolved)


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