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Support Workspace/Filesystem/Variables for "Ivy File" setting



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    • Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit, MyEclipse 9.1 64-bit, Java 1.6.0_31 64-bit


      We have a large enterprise project with many modules, and each module has multiple projects per module. Each module's projects share the same ivy.xml and ivysettings.xml files located in a central location.

      IvyDE seems to support nicely locating the Ivy settings file outside of the project. However, not so much for the ivy.xml file.

      We'd like to use IvyDE with the ivy.xml file outside of the project (like in a common build project), but currently the "Ivy File" (saved in the ivyXmlPath in the .classpath container) configuration only supports paths relative to the project root. It would be ideal if that supported the same location references as the "Ivy settings path" (saved in the ivySettingsPath in the .classpath container), which can be things like a "Workspace" ${workspace_loc:} reference, any Eclipse variable, or any path on the file system.

      I tried hacking into the ivyXmlPath in the .classpath to contain a relative path like ../builder/ivy.xml, and also tried ${workspace_loc:builder/ivy.xml}, and such, but, as expected, it doesn't work.

      Is there a way for multiple eclipse projects to share the same ivy.xml file stored in a common project? If not, could you enhance IvyDE to support it please?

      We've currently got it working by using an svn:external to bring a copy of the ivy.xml file into every project, but this is not ideal, as to get global changes, you either need to edit them all, or change one, check it in, and then svn update to get it to go to the rest of the locations. It is not a very pleasant workaround. Fixing this would help 200+ engineers start using IvyDE for our enterprise project.




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