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Multiple eclipse projects with similar ivy library definitions results in launch config source path collisions


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.0.final
    • Fix Version/s: 2.2.0.beta1
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      Ubuntu 8.10, Eclipse 3.5.2, IvyDE 2.0.0.final


      I have multiple eclipse projects with very similar project structures.

      Each eclipse project has an one ivy library pointing to an ivy.xml file at the root of each the project. (i.e. one ivy.xml file per project)

      The projects have various dependencies on each other, going three or four deep. (e.g. A depends on B, B depends on C, C depends on D, etc). The ivy library is exported from each project.

      I have "resolve dependencies in workspace" turned on. It works great, the build time project dependencies are resolved properly. Love this! But, I think the same thing applies if I have this turned off.

      The problem happens when creating a launch configuration. I noticed this when debugging. I created a launch configuration pointing at project A. When stepping through a debug session, eclipse could not find the sources for project D. After some further investigation, this is what I found...

      Using the default source lookup path does not include the project D. More on that later.

      So, I decided to manually configure the source path. Here's the process I followed:

      1. I started by adding project A.
      2. Upon adding A, I noticed that two entries appeared in the source lookup path

      • the project A itself
      • the ivy library of the project
        3. Now I add project B
        4. Upon adding B, I noticed that only one additional entry appeared in the source lookup path
      • the project B itself
        The ivy library of project B did not appear (even though it is exported)

      Similarly, if I add all the projects in one step, only one ivy library appears.

      So, I believe that since each of the ivy libraries are configured the same way (Essentially pointing to an identically named file in each project), that eclipse or IvyDE is getting confused and only adding one of them to the source lookup path.

      I believe the same is true if I use the default source lookup path (rather than adding projects manually). When looking at the default source lookup path, I can only see a subset of the depend-on projects. Usually, they only include the dependencies of one project, and nothing transitive.

      I tried to test this theory by renaming the ivy.xml files to ivy-$

      {projectname}.xml. This makes all of the ivy libraries unique, since the ivy xml file name is included as part of the library definition. However, now if I add multiple projects to the source lookup path, multiple ivy libraries get added, BUT if you try to expand them, you get an error message saying that the ivy-${projectname}

      .xml file doesn't exist (because it is looking for that xml file in the root of the launch config project, rather than the project from which the library is coming from.

      I can easily reproduce this behavior, so let me know if you need further information

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