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Add configuration option to use an extended revision id when resolving eclipse projects



    • Type: New Feature
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.0.final
    • Fix Version/s: 2.2.0.beta1
    • Component/s: classpath container
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      The current resolve code in IvyDE leverages the default revision id of the form [org]-[module] in the resolution cache. A custom revision id cannot be currently specified in the Ivy ResolveOptions as it can effectively be done via the API and in the ant tasks. This leads to resolution cache collisions when more than project exist on the same module in the eclipse workspace.

      A standard technique to improve workspace dependency resolution is to leverage the revision attribute in the module descriptor (and the branch attribute as proposed in IVYDE-234). However this technique has limitations due to the aforementioned resolution cache collision which force the developer to manually re-resolve affected projects to ensure that the workspace dependencies (as well as the classpath container) are properly computed. By allowing the developer to optionally cache and load resolve reports using an extended resolve id that uses more information found in the attributes of the module descriptor, resolution cache collisions can be avoided.

      A configuration option on the global configuration page under the classpath configuration submenu is proposed: specifically a boolean checkbox underneath the 'Resolve dependencies in the workspace' checkbox. This new boolean would default to false (unchecked) and would be titled 'Use extended resolve id in the resolution cache'.

      To ensure the lowest probability of resolution cache collision, the proposed forms of the extended revision id against the contents of the unpublished module descriptor info tag are as follows:

      <info organisation="myorg" module="mymod" branch="mybranch" revision="2.1" status="milestone"/>
      resolveId = myorg-mymod-milestone-mybranch-2.1

      <info organisation="myorg" module="mymod" revision="3"/>
      resolveId = myorg-mymod-integration--3

      <info organisation="myorg" module="mymod"/>
      resolveId = myorg-mymod-integration--working@myworkstation.mydomain.com


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