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Also copy original metadata artifact (e.g. POM) on ivy:install


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      Suppose you provide some module, which you are developing with Ivy and that has external dependencies (or even worse: non publically available dependencies). Then you might want to publish the module plus all dependencies to a filesystem repository, which then can be redistributed and which is usable for offline builds.

      So far, no problem. But if you do not want to or even can't force your consumers to use Ivy, then while you can create this "offline repository" in Maven layout, it still is not usable with Maven because the POMs of all your dependencies are missing. While Ivy remembers them (*.orig Files), they are not used.

      The attached patch will copy the cached original metadata in the install operation if it's type ends in ".original". Also, the restoring of the OriginArtifact from the Cache is modified to actually restore the OriginArtifact's orignal Artifact correctly.

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