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Inconsistent specification of result set and result set metadata


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      Some statements that return a result set declare it in Frontend.java, but other do not. Still the queries seem to work. We should take a closer look at how/where the result set metadata is specified and returned to the user, and ideally, make the paths today consistent (or provide a good explanation for the inconsistency).

      For example, compute stats does return a result set, but we never declare it as returning a result set.
      You can easily test the behavior of GetResultMetadata() by modifying one of our tests under tests/hs2/

      Take a look at Frontend.java and search for COMPUTE_STATS. You will see that we incorrectly declare the result set to be empty.

      From fe/src/main/java/org/apache/impala/service/Frontend.java at f8e7c31:

       403     } else if (analysis.isComputeStatsStmt()) {
       404       ddl.op_type = TCatalogOpType.DDL;
       405       TDdlExecRequest req = new TDdlExecRequest();
       406       req.setDdl_type(TDdlType.COMPUTE_STATS);
       407       req.setCompute_stats_params(analysis.getComputeStatsStmt().toThrift());
       408       ddl.setDdl_params(req);
       409       metadata.setColumns(Collections.<TColumn>emptyList());
       410     }

      L409 shows an empty list for the result set metadata.

      However in fe/src/main/java/org/apache/impala/service/CatalogOpExecutor.java we construct a result set:

       472         case UPDATE_STATS:
       473           Preconditions.checkState(params.isSetUpdate_stats_params());
       474           Reference<Long> numUpdatedColumns = new Reference<>(0L);
       475           alterTableUpdateStats(tbl, params.getUpdate_stats_params(), response,
       476               numUpdatedPartitions, numUpdatedColumns);
       477           reloadTableSchema = true;
       478           resultColVal.setString_val("Updated " + numUpdatedPartitions.getRef() +
       479               " partition(s) and " + numUpdatedColumns.getRef() + " column(s).");
       480           setResultSet = true;
       481           break;

      This has the potential to break HS2 clients that expect a result set when computing stats. But in practice, compute stats works and returns a result set, so the current code/flow is confusing.


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