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  2. IMPALA-4727

Sequence of DROP IF EXISTS + CREATE may fail if there is a concurrent DROP of the same catalog object.



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    • Impala 2.8.0
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      The following strange behavior is a result of the fix for IMPALA-3641. Please refer to IMPALA-3641 for an explanation of why this new bug here is preferred over IMPALA-3641.

      The CREATE portion of a sequence of DROP IF EXISTS + CREATE from the same session may fail if there is a concurrent DROP [IF EXISTS] on the same object from a different session. Example and explanation:

      • Thread A is executing a DROP TABLE t
      • Thread B is executing a DROP TABLE IF EXISTS t
      • Thread A drops the table first, gets the dropped object from the catalogd and applies the change to its local impalad (but not the impalad that thread B is connected to)
      • Thread B executes DROP TABLE IF EXISTS t on the catalogd and finds that t is already gone, so an empty response is returned and no changes are applied to B's local impalad
      • The impalad that B is connected to has not received a statestore update containing the DROP TABLE t executed by A
      • B now executes CREATE TABLE t and finds that the table already exists

      In general, a sequence of DROP+ADD from a single session is not guaranteed to always succeed if there are concurrent DROP/ADD operations of the same object from another session. However, this case is particularly strange because there is only a single ADD which was preceded by two DROPs, but the ADD still fails.




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