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Skip calls to FsPermissionCache for blob stores



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      The FsPermissionCache is described as:

       * Simple non-thread-safe cache for resolved file permissions. This allows
       * pre-caching permissions by listing the status of all files within a directory,
       * and then using that cache to avoid round trips to the FileSystem for later
       * queries of those paths.

      I confirmed, and FsPermissionCache#precacheChildrenOf is actually called for data stored on S3. The issue is that FsPermissionCache#getPermissions is called inside HdfsTable#getAvailableAccessLevel, which is skipped for S3. So all the cached metadata is not used. The problem is that precacheChildrenOf calls getFileStatus for all files, which results in a bunch of unnecessary metadata operations to S3 + a bunch of cached metadata that is never used.

      precacheChildrenOf is actually only invoked in the specific scenario described below:

          // Only preload permissions if the number of partitions to be added is
          // large (3x) relative to the number of existing partitions. This covers
          // two common cases:
          // 1) initial load of a table (no existing partition metadata)
          // 2) ALTER TABLE RECOVER PARTITIONS after creating a table pointing to
          // an already-existing partition directory tree
          // Without this heuristic, we would end up using a "listStatus" call to
          // potentially fetch a bunch of irrelevant information about existing
          // partitions when we only want to know about a small number of newly-added
          // partitions.

      Regardless, skipping the call to precacheChildrenOf for blob stores should (1) improve table loading time for S3 backed tables, and (2) decrease catalogd memory requirements when loading a bunch of tables stored on S3.




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