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Web Console: Add support of two way ssl authentication in Web Console agent



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      RestExecutor should not be shared between different users requests in case of two way ssl authentication:

      • For each token with ssl we need create separated RestExecutor and set up socketFactory and trustManager.
      • RestExecutor should be removed if token expired.

      Add program arguments for passing client certificate, client password, trust store, trust store password for ignite node connection and web console backend. 

      Example on okhttp: https://github.com/square/okhttp/blob/cd872fd83824512c128dcd80c04d445c8a2fc8eb/okhttp-tests/src/test/java/okhttp3/internal/tls/ClientAuthTest.java

      Upgrade socket-io from 1.x to 2.x.

      Add support for SSL cipher suites

      Add tests.


      How to do local testing:

      On Windows

      1. Download Open SSL:  Download Open SSL for Windows from https://wiki.openssl.org/index.php/Binaries
      2. Unpack it.

      On Linux - it is usually built-in.

      Generate keys with provided script (see attached generate.bat, it could be easily adapted for Linux).


      Add to etc/hosts: 

 localhost console.test.local


      After that configure SSL for:

      1. Web Console back-end.
      2. Web Agent.
      3. Cluster.

      Configure Web Console back-end settings:

        "ssl": true,
        "key": "some_path/server.key",
        "cert": "some_path/server.crt",
        "ca": "some_path/ca.crt",
        "keyPassphrase": "p123456",

      Configure Web Agent parameters (see parameters descriptions):

      -t your_token

      -s https://console.test.local:3000 -n https://console.test.local:11443
      -nks client.jks -nkp p123456
      -nts ca.jks -ntp p123456
      -sks client.jks -skp p123456
      -sts ca.jks -stp p123456

       Configure cluster JETTY config (see FULL config attached):

      <New id="httpsCfg" class="org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpConfiguration">
        <Set name="secureScheme">https</Set>
        <Set name="securePort"><SystemProperty name="IGNITE_JETTY_PORT" default="11443"/></Set>
        <Set name="sendServerVersion">true</Set>
        <Set name="sendDateHeader">true</Set>
        <Call name="addCustomizer">  <Arg><New class="org.eclipse.jetty.server.SecureRequestCustomizer"/></Arg></Call>

      <New id="sslContextFactory" class="org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory">
        <Set name="keyStorePath">some_path/server.jks</Set>
        <Set name="keyStorePassword">p123456</Set>
        <Set name="trustStorePath">some_path/ca.jks</Set>
        <Set name="trustStorePassword">p123456</Set>
        <Set name="needClientAuth">true</Set>

      How to start secure web console in direct install edition in Ubuntu:

      1. Download ignite web console direct install for linux ZIP archive .
      2. Unpack downloaded archive to goal folder.
      3. Generate SSL certificates.
      4. Copy generated certificates to folder with unpacked web console direct install.
      5. Open terminal and navigate to folder with unpacked web console direct install.
      6. Run web console with the next command:
       ignite-web-console-linux --server:port 11443 --server:ssl true --server:requestCert true --server:key "server.key" --server:cert "server.crt" --server:ca "ca.crt" --server:passphrase "p123456"

            7. Import client.p12 certificate into your browser. See attached screenstot in Chrome browser.



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