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List of ODBC minor issues



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    • 1.6
    • 1.6
    • odbc
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    • Ubuntu 14.04, Win7


      There is the list of minor issues for ODBC feature:

      1. Win7:

      1.1 install_amd64.cmd ODBC driver installator:

      1.1.1 The final script output always is "32-bit driver can not be found: """. It's not necessary to find 32-bit driver. Please, fix it
      1.2.1 It's possible to write path to the folder into registry. Please, add path-to-file validation into the script

      1.2 Win Administrative Tools GUI:

      1.2.1 DNS settings for Apache Ignite ODBC driver should be disabled (as this is not implemented yet)

      1.3 Documentation:

      1.3.1 Please, add information that odbc should be building individual into "Building binaries:" part of the IGNITE_HOME/platforms/cpp/DEVNOTES.txt
      1.3.2 Please relocate instruction "Most likely you will need OS administrator privileges to execute these scripts." before run install script in the "Installing ODBC driver on Windows" part of the IGNITE_HOME/platforms/cpp/odbc/README.txt

      2. Ubuntu - documentation:

      2.1 It will be more user-friendly to mention that path to libignite-odbc.so should be in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable in the "Running examples on Linux" part of the IGNITE_HOME/platforms/cpp/examples/README.txt
      2.2 The command

      * libtoolize && aclocal && autoheader && automake --add-missing && autoreconf

      is absent in the "Running examples on Linux" part of the IGNITE_HOME/platforms/cpp/examples/README.txt

      3. Please, make the same changes in the documentation on the readme.io




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